Roger Stone - Political Consultant, Campaign Adviser, Political Lobbyist

LT Steven Rogers – Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy, FBI Joint National Terrorism Task Force – (RET), and member of President Donald J Trump 2020 campaign advisory board

David P. Ward – Resident Agent in Charge (RET), US Department of Homeland Security - HSI, Former US Border Patrol Assistant Agent in Charge, Fox News Contributer, Subject Matter Expert - Immigration Enforcement and Border security

"Since our Congress has come under the partisanship of Nancy Pelosi, nothing has been accomplished to move our country forward, the GOP needs to take back the Congress and help move our President’s rebuild of America forward.   This is why I endorse Mindy Robinson for Congress.   We need Conservative women to move our country forward, who will represent us with Integrity, Ethics, and Patriotism.  Candidate Robinson has those values, in whom we can trust, to do the will of the people for a better future for our country."

John Schneider – American actor and country singer. Best known for his T.V. series The Dukes of Hazzard, Trump Supporter