On The Issues

2nd Amendment

Pro 2nd amendment:

I do not believe there should be more legislation regarding our right to bear arms. Our constitution is in place so that honest patriots and citizens have this simple right and should not be pushed for exercising it. I believe in a universal conceal carry to be recognized in every state, just as our drivers license is. With this privilege, it would require taking safety classes, a written and shooting test, and passing a background check (to include a fingerprint check). 

The Border

Pro ICE and Pro border control:

Like many Americans, I agree with having a vetting system for the process of legal immigration. However, I do not support allowing illegal immigrants entrance to our country or giving them rights and benefits established for legal citizens. I believe that allowing this process is a burden to our country and a safety risk to US citizens. It is a crime and as we punish our citizens for braking the law, we should punish those that enter illegally by returning them back to their country of origin.

Roe v. Wade

I am Pro life:

I believe life starts at conception. With this belief, I do believe that there are situations that would allow for a woman to make other choices early in a pregnancy; incest and rape. 


I support our Military and Veterans and strongly believe we have a crises within the VA's broken system. The homelessness amongst our veterans is at an all time high and we are doing nothing to fix this growing problem. While we live our daily lives and enjoy our freedoms, our military men and women are put in harms way to help us enjoy these freedoms. More programs need to be put in place for these heroes, as they transition to civilian life. We must not let anymore veterans come home to the uncertainties of what their future holds. 

Law Enforcement

I support our Law enforcement and their efforts in community policing. We need to help foster the relationship between our citizens and police officers. This joint effort will allow for safer communities and the building of trust for the safety and benefit for all.


I believe in the right of free speech. Social media has changed the course of the future. We must continue to have our freedoms in all aspects of our lives and that includes our rights online. We have allowed large tech giants to police, judge, and have the ability of penalizing customers that have differing opinions than those of their senior executives. An online platform that allows for any opinion to be vocalized, should not be able to discriminate based on personal and political affiliations. We need to put policy in place to penalize these companies for unfair business practice.

Term Limits

I believe in the proposal of term limits within our Government system and the restructuring of a politicians lifetime benefits.

President Donald J. Trump

I support our President and his love of Country. I believe in the process of elections and the right to cast your vote for your candidate of choice. However, I strongly believe that while we at times may not like or respect the person elected into office, we must for the betterment of our country, respect of the office in which they hold.