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Roger Stone's Endorsement Of Mindy Robinson For Congress

Political Consultant, Campaign Adviser, Political Lobbyist

John Schneider's Endorsement Of Mindy Robinson For Congress

Hollywood Actor and Country Singer. Best known for his T.V. series The Dukes of Hazzard, Trump Supporter

LT Steven Rogers's Endorsement Of Mindy Robinson For Congress

LT Steven Rogers – Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy, FBI Joint National Terrorism Task Force – (RET), and member of President Donald J Trump 2020 campaign advisory board

Kristy Swanson's Endorsement Of Mindy Robinson For Congress

Hollywood Actress, Conservative, Patriot, Best known for her portrayal of Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

David P. Ward – Resident Agent in Charge (RET), US Department of Homeland Security - HSI, Former US Border Patrol Assistant Agent in Charge, Fox News Contributer, Subject Matter Expert - Immigration Enforcement and Border security

"Since our Congress has come under the partisanship of Nancy Pelosi, nothing has been accomplished to move our country forward, the GOP needs to take back the Congress and help move our President’s rebuild of America forward.   This is why I endorse Mindy Robinson for Congress.   We need Conservative women to move our country forward, who will represent us with Integrity, Ethics, and Patriotism.  Candidate Robinson has those values, in whom we can trust, to do the will of the people for a better future for our country."

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"A woman is like a tea bag. She only knows her strength when put in hot water."

Nancy Reagan

Mindy Robinson is a political commentator, vocal conservative actress, and host of a patriotic online show. She holds degrees in American History and Political Science, and is currently running for Congress in district 3 southern Nevada. She has used her online platform in the past not only to highlight local issues in Nevada, but to vocalize solutions to the problems.

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"What voters need to understand.... Mindy Robinson is not just a pretty face. She is an intelligent and resourceful young young lady who believes in America and our President. Good luck, my friend."

Juanita Broaddrick


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"Proud of you, Mindy. We need more patriots in office. Let's support her! District 3, this woman will fight for you like you've never seen. She's a powerhouse!"

Anna Khait


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"The upcoming election will be the most important election in our lifetime. That's why I'm proud to support my friend Mindy in her bid for Congress. We must make Nevada AND the House red again. Our Nation's future depends on it."

Andrew Pollack